OPENS AT: Dec 16, 12:30 PM

CLOSES AT: Dec 19, 06:25 PM

DURATION: 2h 30m

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It's time to put your coding skills to the test as Avataar brings you one of the biggest nationwide coding challenges of the season. Participate and get an opportunity to win prizes and also a chance to interview with Avataar for the Software Developer position.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Years of experience:  [Freshers : 2022 Graduate] 0 - 6 years

Challenge Format:

  • 3 Programming Questions based on DS and Algo.
    Individual participation event.



About Avataar: 

Avataar.Me is a Sequoia Capital-backed, largest startup in the 3D/AR domain today, reimagining the digital commerce industry across all consumer touchpoints.

Here are some introductory videos to understand our technology offering, our platform capabilities and our values.


Avataar's offerings

Avataar's values


Our vision is to create a paradigm shift in visual experience for users everywhere.

Avataar is driving true 3D/AR revolution:

Avataar is at its heart a Deep-Tech company. We are playing a very important role in making 3D/AR mainstream, by enabling AR in commerce at scale everywhere in this world and in the Metaverse evolution.

Our focus on commerce AR is bridging the online-offline gap, allowing users to view life-like virtual products from multiple angles, pinch/zoom and interact with the product even before purchase. Purchasing something is a highly personal experience, and AR enables users to test out fit-finish and match easily to make a far more informed decision and reduce potential returns. No wonder then, current data suggests 3D/AR in commerce increases cart conversion by 4 to 8 times.

It is very clear that the future is 3D. The biggest investment in the history of mankind is happening in the space of 3D/AR right now.

Avataar's innovation in 3D/AR:

Today, almost all phones are AR-enabled, but AR experiences in mainstream applications like e-commerce are rare. This is because a 3D experience cannot be built without 3D assets, no matter how good your phone or technology is. Currently, a huge gap between supply and demand exists in the creation of assets.

Similarly, experiences in 3D are still in their early days. There is tremendous potential of building better alternatives of 2D experiences in 3D.

And both of these are areas where Avataar is the market leader today! Avataar’s platform powers the largest e-commerce companies in the world to solve the end-to-end complex problem of building AR experience - right from generating 3D assets to building bespoke end-user experiences. 

Avataar is investing deeply into scaling out the right Platforms, Tools, Services, Experiences, AI and Computer Vision-based solutions to solve this. As we do so, AR/3D becomes more and more widespread in mainstream applications.


Avataar is a deep-tech company and we will always be so. Our success depends on being the best engineering company in the world.

We follow some of the best practices from Valve, Google, Amazon etc. to create a culture of deep engineering and innovation.

And we are looking for the most passionate engineers in Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, AI/CV to come join us at Avataar and build the backbone for AR in Commerce.

As a Front-end Engineer, you will have the opportunity to experiment with and build amazing and immersive user experiences while solving the next level of computation and engineering challenges in 3D rendering.

As a Backend/Fullstack engineer, you will have the opportunity of building a whole ecosystem of micro-services to manage catalog/search/browse/recommendations for e-commerce and deep data analytics. You will also get the opportunity to build tools to exponentially scale up asset and experience creation.

As a Machine Learning/Computer Vision Engineer, you will have the opportunity of building the right models to analyze user environments, posture tracking, gesture analysis as well as automatic 2D to 3D asset creation.

If you are an engineer who is passionate about making a difference in people's lives through tech, there is perhaps no better company in India than here at Avataar. Please consider joining us in our mission of building a truly deep-tech company in India that builds the next generation of Visual experience for everyone.


Visit us at: https://avataar.me/

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