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Amdocs Hackfest 2021

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Amdocs India presents Amdocs HackFest 2021, India’s versatile coding and hackathon competition for engineering graduates. This three-phase challenge will tickle your grey cells and push you to create unique solutions and innovative approaches to resolve complex problems. Amdocs Hackfest is a platform for you to build and showcase your talent to the world. This is the 6th edition of this prestigious competition. Last year, over 8500 aspiring engineers enrolled for the challenge, where we witnessed the best brains battle it out to win the Amdocs Hackfest and attractive rewards. This year, it’s your turn. 

The competition will consist of three phases:

  1. An aptitude/coding round
  2. Idea submission round
  3. Onsite presentation round

We at Amdocs look forward to meeting and engaging with you through a series of industry problem statements which will challenge the sharpest minds in the country!


  • B.E./B.Tech - 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students
  • MCA - 2nd and 3rd year students




There are great prizes to be won

First Prize

INR 100000 

Second Prize

INR 50000 

Exciting Gadgets-Top 10


Amdocs' purpose is to enrich life and progress society, using creativity and technology to build a better connected world. Amdocs and its 26,000 employees partner with the leading players in the communication and media industry, enabling next generation experiences in 85 countries. Our cloud-native, open and dynamic portfolio of digital solutions, platforms and services brings greater choice, faster time to market and flexibility, to better meet the evolving needs of our customers as they drive growth, transform and take their business to the cloud.Listed on the NASBAQ Global Select Market, Amdocs had revenue of $4.2 billion in fiscal 2020.

For more information, visit Amdocs at

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Congratulations to all the shortlisted participants.

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Exciting gadgets are available for whom?

Top 5 from both Round 1 and 2 will be awarded exciting gadgets.

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