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Amazon Ads – Women’s Coding Challenge

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We strive to be a top employer for diverse talent and to make Amazon a place where these leaders want to grow their careers. We continue to invest in programs to help more women advance in technology-focused roles. This is an opportunity for women coders out there to come and showcase their coding skills. By participating in this challenge you will have a chance to win exciting prizes and explore exciting tech careers at Amazon.

Eligibility: Women Developers across PAN India having 6 months+ experience.

Coding challenge format: 2 programming questions (Language Restriction: Java, C++ , C#, ROR, Python) to be solved in 3 hours

Prizes to be won:

Prizes will be Amazon gift vouchers worth the below amounts.

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A day in the life of an Amazonian:



When launched in 1995, it was with the mission “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company.” What does this mean? It's simple. We're a company that obsesses over our customers. Our actions, goals, projects, programs and inventions begin and end with the customer top of mind. In other words, we start with the customer and work backwards. When we hit on something that is really working for customers, we double-down on it with hopes to turn it into an even bigger success. However, it’s not always as clean as that. Inventing is messy, and over time, it’s certain that we’ll fail at some big bets too. You'll also hear us say that at Amazon, it's always "Day 1." What do we mean? Our approach remains the same as it was on Amazon’s very first day — to make smart, fast decisions, stay nimble, innovate and invent, and focus on delighting customers.

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  2. You must click Submit after you answer each question.

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