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OPENS AT: Jul 26, 2019, 12:30 PM

CLOSES AT: Aug 04, 2019, 06:25 PM

DURATION: 9 days 5h 55m

Sangam 2019 - ML Hackathon by IITMAA

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Sangam is a flagship event of the IIT Madras Alumni Association. In 2019, IIT Madras is celebrating its diamond jubilee and at the event, we will deliberate the theme “Reimagining India in 2030” and envision a new India of the next decade. As the late Prof. C.K. Prahalad suggested, we will explore ways in which India can assert its economic, technological, and moral leadership in the world.

ML developers of the country can grab this opportunity to work in the Sangam Hackathon involving a proprietary time-series pollution data set that the IIT Madras project will unveil for the first time.


The challenge is open to Machine Learning enthusiasts. Developers throughout India are eligible to participate and win in the contest.

How can you be a part of this?

Register and participate in this challenge and get a chance to prove your mettle against all the other fellow ML developers.


What's in it for the finalists?

  • In the Finals, selected teams will build applications/visualizations using the proprietary time-series pollution data set provided by the IIT Madras Project that is available throughout India.

  • Selected participants can use this data along with the available economic, traffic, weather, healthcare data in India to build new applications that will improve living standards in India.

  • This data is being made available/public for the first time and hence we want the community to build ideas/concepts for future applications/visualizations.



There are great prizes to be won

First Prize

INR 150000 

Special Prizes

INR 50000 x 5 


IIT Madras Alumni Association (IITMAA), founded in 1964, represents 50,000 IIT Madras alumni across the globe and comprises 12+ National and International chapters. Sangam is the flagship event of IITMAA.

The primary mission of IITMAA is to Reconnect the alumni with their fellow alumni, institute, and students on the campus; Engage through various activities among all the stakeholders and generate Impact through several social and academic projects for a collective and inclusive growth.


Please find below the list of top 25 shortlisted which will be invited for the offline round.














Congratulations to the shortlisted p...



  1. This is a team challenge. The minimum team size is 1 and the maximum is 4.

  2. Only the team leaders' are supposed to give the submission for the challenge and only th...



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