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There's a small country called virtualBit in the mysterious continent of cryptLand, lying along the coast of the Sea of Bits. virtualBit is a weird little place. The people here worship the god of Complexity. They search for eternal optimum complexity and denounce everything sub-optimal.

The government of virtualBit cannot pass any policy unless they're sure that it is the most optimal one. But finding the best solution is not an easy task. As a result, issues take up too much time to get resolved.

The people of virtualBit are very angry at its sub-optimal government. However, they are not unreasonable. They give the government officials one last chance to prove their optimality. The people will give some algorithmic problems that the government has to solve in the given time. If it cannot pass this challenge, the government will dissolve and all the officals will be labelled NPHard.

Being the minister of algorithms, it is your duty to prevent virtualBit from plunging into chaos and save it from the abyss of segFault!


Prizes are goodies worth Rs. 30,000/-

To be eligible for prizes, you must also register in the Programmers Parliament event at the following link:



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