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Gieom UI Developer Hiring Challenge 2019

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Frontend Challenge
UI Developer
1-5 years
INR 3 - 10


Gieom is looking for UI Developers to join their team in Bangalore.

Take this challenge to join an organization that drives the best in you.

This challenge has 1 File upload question.  It'll be a task-based application building question. Based on the question, it could be a web app, mobile app, desktop app, or any other type of app.

You are just 6 hours away to complete your first step to joining Gieom. Gieom is looking for Frontend developers to join their team in Bangalore.

Please look into the JD for more details.



UI Developer
Experience: 1-5 years
CTC: INR 3 - INR 10
Job Location: Bangalore
Openings: 2

@GIEOM we have a labs team that is involved in research and design as we are continuously working on improving the user experience of our products and we are looking at augmenting this team. In the last two years we have built two new products that are framework driven and AI & ML enabled. We are looking for UI/UX developers who will play a key role on this team.

Our UI/UX developers will be responsible for conducting user research, creating wireframes and designs, and ultimately aligning user behavior to actions that drive required outcomes for our customers. You’ll be working alongside other engineers, developers, architects and marketers collaborating and iterating on the user experience of our software products.

  • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript & Bootstrap , React
  • Expertise in Jquery, Ajax, XML & JSON required
  • Working with JS Frameworks – Node.js, Knockout.js will be preferred
  • Experience with Restful Services & API required
  • Should have built responsive applications that work across browsers
  • Experience of Product development v/s projects will be preferred
  • Working in a .Net environment / Knowledge of .Net
  • Knowledge on TFS / GIT


Founded in 2012, GIEOM is the world leader in Enterprise Productivity software products. GIEOM creates software that enables process-driven organizations to increase their ...



  1. Before you attempt programming questions, you should choose a language from the given list.

  2. All inputs for the programming problems are from STDIN and output ...



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