Advanced Data Science at ZS

Duration: 1:00

HackerEarth in association with ZS Associates is pleased to announce its next webinar on Advanced Data Science at ZS to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.

About ZS

ZS is the world’s largest firm focused exclusively on helping companies improve overall performance and grow revenue and market share through end-to-end sales and marketing solutions—from customer insights and strategy to analytics, operations, and technology. More than 5,500 ZS professionals in 22 offices worldwide draw on deep industry and domain expertise to deliver impact for clients across multiple industries.

With over 3,000 professionals, ZS offices in New Delhi and Pune serve as Capability and Expertise Centers to enable cross-collaboration across all the global offices to create client impact.

(To learn more, visit or the Life at ZS blog.)

About the webinar

As an expertise-driven firm, ZS considers moving beyond basic data management skills and thinking strategically about approaching data very important. Now in its third edition, the ZS Data Science Challenge 2018 (formerly known as the Young Data Scientist Challenge) is a pan-India contest to discover the most talented minds in data science. It offers a unique opportunity to those interested in solving a real data science problem and provides a sneak peek into the niche work done at ZS.

What you will learn

In this webinar, you will learn about ZS and its advanced data science practice.  You will also learn about the industries ZS operates in, its clients, the kind of problems ZS solves, and the impact the company is creating for clients through cutting-edge innovation. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session where ZS professionals will answer any data science-related questions you might have.

Key topics to be covered in the webinar:

  • Introduction to ZS and Advanced Data Science at ZS
  • ZS point of view on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: How the company sees it impacting the industry in general and healthcare in specific
  • Advanced Data Science at ZS: ZS clients, the industries that ZS operates in, and problems ZS is solving
  • Role of and a typical day in the life of a data scientist at ZS
  • Career progression and other opportunities
  • Details about the upcoming ZS Data Science Challenge 2018
  • Tips and tricks to prepare for the Challenge


  • Speaker Image

    Pranava Goundan

    Associate Principal - Advanced Data Science
    ZS Associates

    Pranava has been with ZS for over nine years. His areas of expertise include data science, marketing, pricing, and market access. He has supported clients across several industry verticals including pharmaceuticals, retail, real estate, financial services, advertising, and transportation and services. Pranava holds a doctoral degree in operations research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S., and a bachelor’s degree from IIT Madras.

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