“You’ll build 5 great Android apps in the time other companies get you to build 1” – Ravi Pratap, CTO, MobStac

January 18, 2014
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In the professional world, the best business guys become investment bankers and the best techies become hackers. One could only wonder what a technology company would be like if these two folks came together to start up. But that’s exactly what happened with MobStac.

Sharath Potharaju and Ravi Pratap, friends from school, came together to build MobStac, a mobile platform company back in 2009. Since then, the company has raised about 3.1 million dollars in funding. But what is more starteling is their customer base; their product has served over 2000 clients, with biggies like the Hindu, Deccan Herald and the Outlook Magazine.

Surely, they’re doing something very right. For a mobile engineer, MobStac is a company right at the epicenter of this mobile earthquake that the world’s technology companies are going through.

But what does is it like to work at MobStac? It’s co-founder and hacker extraordinaire, Ravi Pratap shed some light on the benefits of working at MobStac. Here’s why it’s going to be awesome, if you make it to MobStac –

Why MobStac? What was the thought being starting this company?

We’re trying to accelerate the pace at which the world is going mobile. We’re working to make content, commerce, and everything we do online migrate to mobile as quickly as possible. Turns out that this is a pretty large space, with plenty of opportunity which is great for a product-driven company!

What is an engineer’s biggest incentive about working at MobStac?

We experiment all the time. We’re forever learning new things, putting them into production, and doing this at a pace that has to keep up with our customer growth. We use Python, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and practically everything interesting that keeps popping up these days.

We also love to be polyglots – Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, or whatever it is that is the right fit for the task in hand.

What is the engineering culture at MobStac and what kind of candidates are ideal for you?

Our culture is the quintessential hacker culture. Ideas on our team come from everywhere, and we let people show us what they’re talking about by actually building it, typically in a hacknight. We are also obsessed with performance, and track metrics very closely for everything we build and put into production. We have a continuous integration environment and automate the heck out of everything. We get a lot done with a lot fewer people than you’d imagine.

The ideal candidate for us stands out from their peers in what they have done through self-motivation. Are they on github? Do they contribute code to open source? Have they built an Android app out of pure curiosity and because they wanted to learn? These things excite us about a candidate.

We really don’t care at all for standardized test scores.

What is the most challenging aspect of working at MobStac?

Freedom, because with it comes a lot of responsibility and expectation. We throw you into the deep end of the pool by your second week here and expect you to solve real problems, develop code for new features, and put it into production, all by yourself.

What is the average day of a coder at MobStac?

There really aren’t any average days 🙂 There’s code to write, customer problems to debug, support tickets to look at when it’s your turn on rotation, software systems to architect, etc.

What’s life at MobStac outside of work?

We do paintball, watch movies, go bowling, and really a lot of the regular things that people like to do for fun.

How long does it take for a new recruit to settle into MobStac?

We’re a close-knit team and new recruits usually start feeling right at home right away, but usually it isn’t more than a few weeks. Our India team is now 25 people.

From an engineering standpoint, what do you strive for at MobStac in the long run?

Strive to be world-class in everything we do. We give our employees a lot of freedom to achieve the organization’s key objectives, but in the end what matters tremendously to us is that our products our world-class. We have a culture of intolerance for even the slightest of mediocrity.

Why should a kick ass Android developer work with MobStac, as opposed to others?

Because you’ll build 5 great Android apps in the time other companies essentially get you to build 1. The learning curve – that’s the reason you’ll love MobStac. We also have a really cool office!

Sounds exciting to you? It’s not too late, you can still register for the Android Hiring Challenge.


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