This is recruiting – Decoding remote hiring with StackOverflow

This is Recruiting: Episode 1 – Decoding Remote Hiring with StackOverflow. 

The future of work will be very different from what we know now and we are seeing the new normal set in as you read this.This change calls for measures to accommodate a remote workforce and this starts right from the time you start looking for talent. Thanks to solutions which facilitate remote hiring and remote work, recruitment is now in safe hands. With the help of some remote recruiting best practices, you too can assess and interview candidates, seamlessly.

How can remote teams help you?

Apart from ensuring business continuity in times of emergencies, remote teams can actually bring in talent which was not possible earlier due to constraints of a physical location. This also helps boost diversity in your organization and helps you build an inclusive team.

A frequent question we get is about the inconvenience caused due to working in different time zones. We instead feel this can be an enabler. For organizations looking to set a bar for customer support, embracing time zones can help them achieve it with ease. You can speed your response by manifolds if your employees are spread across multiple time zones.


The same extends to even your tech team. Imagine the best developers across the world coming together to build some great software for you! Isn’t that amazing? Remote hiring makes it possible and we are here to help you on this journey – Welcome to This is Recruiting!

So, what is ‘This is Recruiting’?

Through this series we bring you actionable insights from fellow tech recruiters on taking tech recruitment to the next level. For our maiden episode Sachin, our CEO, caught up with Michelle Yoon, Global HR Strategist, Stack Overflow to help us with insights on decoding remote hiring. Read on to know more!

Sachin: Given that remote work is here to stay and remote hiring is going to go on for a long time, what are some of the trends from a remote hiring perspective?
Michelle: Remote hiring is increasing dramatically and in these unprecedented times, a lot of companies are gearing to shift. From a talent perspective, I’ve seen a lot of companies doing this proactively. Our recruiting funnel is similar to many organizations. We have our recs on our job board with ways to show the open positions to subject matter experts and insights on where to source candidates from to build a healthy pipeline.

Sachin: What is your strategy for sourcing tech candidates remotely?
Michelle: In terms of finding candidates, there is no one strategy of finding who is remote or not, unless it is defined on their profile. But a great way to pitch the idea of remote work is emphasizing on the fact that working from home means you have more time for yourself, you can avoid a frustrating commute to work or the fear of distraction and have the possibility to live and travel anywhere in the world.

Sachin: What are the top 3 tools that help optimize your recruiting process?
Michelle: Fuze, Google Meet/ Zoom and Greenhouse. Fuze allows me to call candidates whether I am working from home or office. Google Meet and Zoom for video interviews and conferences and Greenhouse, our ATS to help us maintain structured interviews.

Interesting? Listen to our entire conversation with Michelle here.

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