15 recruiting tools that need to be on your radar for 2020

Planning your recruitment efforts for the next year is no easy task. How much should you budget? Which tools should you invest in? What will your ROI be? Basically, what should you even be doing!? These are all very legitimate questions every recruiter has when the year is wrapping up. Well, we are here to help sort out a few. Here’s a list of recruiting tools you might want to check out before you start planning for 2020.


Recruitment operations

In March 2018, there were 6.6 million job openings in the US—source


Everybody is on the hunt for rockstar talent. Some of the following talent sourcing tools could help you hire that perfect candidate: –



Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting software designed to help companies source, screen, and hire suitable candidates. If you are a growing company, this is a great tool to invest in as it offers complete visibility of your candidates’ pipeline.



If you are looking to find qualified candidates, streamline the hiring process, and help teams work together to identify and hire the best, Workable is a great option. They’ve helped recruiters and hiring managers to make some great hires across 100 countries and offer 24/7 global support.


SAP SuccessFactors

If you run a larger enterprise, SAP SuccessFactors could be your go-to tool. It offers cloud-based talent management solutions and ranks consistently as a leader in this category by the likes of Forrester, Gartner, IDC, and Nucleus Research.



Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM and operation solutions for the global recruitment industry. It has interesting features such as data capture and customer insight technology which can help you provide a great experience to your candidates.



If your goal is to manage your entire talent acquisition life cycle within a single SaaS application, iCIMS could be your best bet. From inclusion in the Montclare SaaS 250 to JMP Securities’ list of Hot 100 Privately Held Software Companies, it has been featured as one of the world’s fastest-growing technology providers.


Pre-employment assessments

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a candidate’s resume— source


6 seconds is absolutely zilch. So you can imagine the probability of overlooking potential candidates. High, right? While screening, these recruitment tools can help you hire the best candidates quickly (and fairly).



Using Pymetrics, your candidates can play a set of neuroscience-based behavior games that collect millions of data points. These data points objectively measure cognitive and personality traits. There is no right or wrong way to play the games because every trait makes you a great fit for a certain job. No wonder they have a 98% completion rate.



Mapped is a numerical, analytical, and problem-solving testing platform. It’s been built from the ground up to encourage diversity, and designed by business professionals to test what counts. The results from Mapped can help you choose the right people for demanding graduate jobs, using a bias-free method.


HackerEarth Assessments

HackerEarth could be your go-to tool if you are looking to hire developers. Its AI-powered test creator evaluates candidates based on programming skills and saves both the recruiter and the hiring manager’s time. This developer assessment platform is said to have brought down the time to hire, of organizations, by 50%. Also, it is equipped with robust anti-cheating features, enabling you to fill your pipeline with only the right talent.



The 2015 GeekWire startup of the year, Koru, uses skills like grit, ownership, curiosity, polish, teamwork, rigor, and impact to rank candidates. Its 20-minute assessment places grit over grades and uses predictive analytics to compare scores with those of a company’s top performers.



Predictive index ranks applicants based on behavioral and cognitive fit. The PI Hire solution is a powerful framework that can identify the right match for any role.


Video interviewing recruiting tools

80-90% of talent say a positive or negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company—source



Interview Stream

Interviewstream gives candidates a simple and interactive interview experience that can be completed anytime, anywhere. If they’re a good fit, you can also easily schedule back-to-back and panel interviews by syncing calendar availability.


Spark Hire

Spark Hire lets candidates answer your questions in their own time and you can review the completed video interviews at your convenience. As a result, you could hear from more candidates, easily compare them, and never have to worry about scheduling early-round interviews again.


HackerEarth Facecode

Go beyond whiteboards and collaboration docs with live video interviews from HackerEarth. This tool checks the coding skills and problem-solving abilities of developers in real-time. It supports over 30 programming languages and lets you conduct video interviews in just 2 steps.



VidCruiter is all about customizability—it lets you interview any number of candidates, improve candidate communication, and personalize your outreach. It has the option of both pre-recorded and live video interviews.



Jobvite is an on-demand video recruiting tool that accelerates, enhances, and builds consistency in the applicant screening process. It makes the experience seamless and easy for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates alike.


There you have it, our selection of recruiting tools to look out for in 2020. This isn’t an exhaustive list but we hope it gives a direction to your hiring plans for the upcoming year. Happy hiring!

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