Online Recruitment tool are the magic wand of HR in tech companies

Online recruitment tools: The magic wand for HR in tech companies

With companies not really carrying labels that say they are tech or non-tech anymore, finding and retaining great tech talent is what the hiring game is now all about....

With companies not really carrying labels that say they are tech or non-tech anymore, finding and retaining great tech talent is what the hiring game is now all about.

According to a recent 2017 survey, finding and hiring top tech talent is what keeps the executives up at night. It has been the management’s greatest concern for the last five years.

However, with recruiters latching on to online recruitment tools that are “smartifying” the hiring process, tech hiring was never easier, and never more reliable.

Time for a change

Traditional recruiting processes often fail to acquire the best and brightest. With smart online assessment tools, recruiters are no longer limited to interviewing candidates within a limited geographical radius, and they are less likely to make bad hires based just on snazzy résumés. They don’t need to put in hours sifting through résumés that are often not a reflection the saleable skills or manually evaluating tests. There is no place for unconscious bias either.

Online recruitment tools are replacing traditional methods that don’t always work. Entrepreneurs are ready to invest big in amazing technical assessment tools that automate complex screening and recruiting tasks to add real value.

Using traditional hiring methods are deal-breakers especially for companies looking at acquiring quality technical talent. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different requirements warrant different tools or processes. Be it a campus recruitment drive or hiring for niche profiles, online technical assessment tools have an answer.

Online recruitment tools are totally worth it

Online recruitment tools are totally worth it. Let us give you examples of various companies leveraging Recruit—an online recruiting tool to transform the technical recruitment process.


Amazon wanted to scale its hiring process across Indian cities. When its current hiring process did not support the rapid expansion, the global e-com leader opted for Recruit. It allowed them to have multiple administrators and enabled them to conduct multiple recruitment drives from several cities for various roles and functions. Recruit allowed them to assess thousands of candidates remotely and the proctoring mechanisms ensured a fair assessment. In a span of six months, Amazon conducted 200+ hiring drives and assessed over 27,000 candidates in different cities.

Finding niche talent

GyanMatrix—an analytical service company, wanted to build a team of data scientists. Having headhunted for four months with no success, the company turned to Recruit. Using the online recruitment tool, GyanMatrix conducted an online hiring challenge for data scientists. By casting a wider net and accessing a larger pool of talent, the company ended up hiring a team of 5 data scientists in 10 days.

Efficient campus hiring

Symantec, a leading provider of cyber security solutions, had a huge requirement of hiring 100+ developers. The company tapped into the campus hiring mode and this time it chucked the pen and paper test to go with Recruit. Using the online recruiting tool, the company was able to accurately measure the technical skills of candidates. Symantec ended up hiring 100 developers from 20 different campuses in 6 months.

Streamline the technical recruitment process

Intel Security, a global company leveraging the best of Intel and McAfee, had an interviewing to hiring ratio of 20:1. And not all 20 candidates were technically qualified for the role. Using the online recruiting tool, Intel screened candidates for the technical skills and sent only the technically qualified to the interview. This is improved the interviewing to hiring ratio to 4:1. This meant hiring managers and technical managers spending less time assessing candidates and wasting no time on irrelevant candidates.

The common denominator

Hiring quality tech talent is the common denominator across all these companies and thousands more. And the online recruiting tool performed significantly better at finding them quality talent than the typical processes followed in these companies.

The online recruiting tool is easily integrable with the recruiting workflow of an organization. It is easily accessible, even non-tech recruiters can conduct technical screening without a hitch.

Definitely godsent for technical recruiters who want to optimize their technical hiring process!

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