Office space – What does the ideal workplace look like

December 22, 2017
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What does the ideal workplace look like?

You spend eight hours a day you at your desk in the office. That’s a big part of your day, right? 

Since not all offices are “well-designed”, the question is “What does the ideal workplace look like?” When we say workplace, we don’t mean just the design of the office, we mean atmosphere and everything you can connect to the  working hours.

Design of the workplace

The best design for a workplace is an open space design. I don’t mean an open space where every worker has a cubicle, but an open space where all you have are tables and chairs. That way you can connect the workers and improve the communication and the bond they could have with each other. It is different when you are actively working with someone and working in the same room but in your cubicle. Another thing you can do to improve the design is to separate break room from the working space. Break rooms should have a couch, a table with chairs, kitchen, coffee maker, and even a foosball table. A foosball table in the break room is getting very popular because workers can relax and have fun. One match on the foosball table will last about 5 minutes which leaves you enough time for lunch.

Improving performance

You can improve the numbers of your team with details you completely forgot about like the proper lighting. I know that this may seem like a completely unimportant matter, but have you ever tried to work in a dimly lit area? It is good when you are on the computer but the moment you take your eyes off the screen you won’t see a thing. It will take you longer to find the Post-it, the stapler, or your phone (which is ringing btw). A good lighting system or table lamps that don’t hurt the eyes can do much for productivity. 

The work atmosphere

The atmosphere in the office is a result of the relationships in the office. If people in the office don’t know much about each other, the atmosphere will be intense and serious. So, to avoid that atmosphere you can organize team building exercises every month. They are the best way to improve bonding between coworkers and give them a much-needed breather away from work. If you don’t have the budget to take your team on a team building, let the team building come to you. Organize a small foosball tournament one Friday and create randomized groups. You can also organize food and drinks and I guarantee, employees will talk about it weeks later too.

As you can see, there are things you can do to improve the workplace for your employees. These are simple things you can do, but you can ask them for opinions to help make everyone’s day at the workplace something they look forward to.


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