InMobi Case Study: How HackerEarth reduced their technical hiring cycle time from 2 months to 1 day

InMobi is a global leader in Mobile Advertising Solutions and was looking to hire exceptional developers with 0-3 years of experience to join their technical team at Bangalore, to...

InMobi is a global leader in Mobile Advertising Solutions and was looking to hire exceptional developers with 0-3 years of experience to join their technical team at Bangalore, to work on some of the new projects scheduled for Q2.

The existing hiring process is time-consuming

A lot of companies aggressively hire fresh developers who are open to new technologies and can easily fit in the new projects. To find such smart developers, a company needs to invest a significant amount of time and effort in sourcing the right candidates, reviewing the applications, and assessing their programming skills.

The hiring process for one candidate easily spans over 15-20 days involving multiple telephonic and on-site interviews. Considering an optimistic rate of 1/5, a company has to conduct this interview process for 50+ candidates to hire at least 10. The average time for 50 such interviews comes out to be more than 2 months.

HackerEarth helped save on the hiring time with an open challenge

We conducted open to all, hiring challenge to meet the requirements of InMobi. The challenge contained 4 programming questions designed according to the technical specifications of the job profile and was conducted on a specific day for a duration of 4 hours.

2 weeks prior to the contest day, the event was opened for registrations and we started reaching out to our growing community of over 30,000 programmers. We spread the word in various developer networks and partner colleges, which drove massive participation on the event day.

The Result

Over the period of 2 weeks, more than 2000 people registered for the challenge. On the day of the challenge, a total of 791 candidates participated from over 380 colleges, across 4 different countries.

InMobi rolled out direct job offers to the top 2 candidates and called in the next top 10 candidates for on-site interviews. After the interview process (which lasted only for a day), they selected 5 more candidates for the full-time position.

The top 2 candidates were: Akashdeep Nain (from MNNIT Allahabad, Codechef National rank of 2, and a global rank of 13), and Vietnamese developer – Viet Lam Phan (a graduate from Cao Tho University and ACM-ICPC world finalist).

Return-on-Investment for InMobi

InMobi did not have to spend any time in conducting the challenge and the 10 candidates that they called on-site were interviewed and selected in a day. They were effectively able to reduce the 2-month technical hiring cycle to just a single day, and that too, at a lower cost. Moreover, their technical team was not involved before the on-site interviews and hence did not have to spend time in filtering and shortlisting the candidates for interviews.

In addition, InMobi was able to reach out to the 2000 developers who had registered and was able to share about their team, culture, and technology.

Technology that powers our challenges

Some of the cool technology that powers our challenges are

  • Code Evaluation Engine: HackerEarth proprietary code evaluation engine allows programmers to code and submit their solutions online. Users can submit and re-submit as many times as they want and all their code snapshots are recorded. The evaluation engine supports 12 programming languages and the users can submit in multiple languages.
  • Plagiarism Detection: HackerEarth, internally uses a  plagiarism detector to filter out candidates that have indulged in unfair means. There were 2 cases detected in the top 50 submissions, which were immediately disqualified.
  • Intelligent Reports: Reports are generated in real-time based on submission received during the contest, and the candidates are auto-ranked intelligently based on their performance. The score of each candidate is calculated on a number of metrics that includes logical correctness, submission time, code run-time, memory usage, code size, efficiency etc.

What’s next?

HackerEarth brings more ways to help find great programmers while keeping costs low. If you are interested in conducting a hiring challenge to find smart talent for your team, reach out to us at
HackerEarth has also launched its recruiting product – HackerEarth Recruit, that can be used to quickly filter the best candidates for campus and lateral hires, using online skill assessment tests. Signup and get started with 30 free tests.

More about InMobi

InMobi is a mobile ad network, that allows developers to make money from their mobile applications by serving targeted ads. InMobi covers the whole gamut of mobile advertising including ad targeting, serving, and analytics to ensure that you earn more from your mobile property.

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