Increasing diversity through improved hiring practices

Duration: 60 mins

Diversity & Inclusion can be beneficial to your organization but what is your company doing to ensure your hiring programs go outside traditional hiring practices?

When companies create non-bias hiring programs, they are paving the way for more understanding of different buying personas, creating opportunities for more creativity and opportunities for teams to grow in uncomfortable situations – in ones where colleagues don’t look and think the same way.

Is your company culture encouraging diversity and inclusion?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How ethnically diverse companies report better performance and higher revenues.
  • How to Get Executive Buy-In
  • Actions you can take today to start creating a more inclusive hiring initiatives


  • Speaker Image

    Emilia D'Anzica

    Founder,Customer Growth Advisors

    Emilia D’Anzica is a strategic management consultant and founder of Customer Growth Advisors.  After working globally throughout her 20-year career, she has a deep understanding of best practices in building company culture, customer success and customer advocacy marketing organizations across e-retail and B2B SaaS companies. With expertise in creating scalable customer adoption and engagement strategies, she is known for innovative employee and customer onboarding initiatives at high-growth companies.

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