5 Best Practices For An Effective Hybrid Campus Hiring Strategy

5 Effective Hybrid Campus Hiring Strategies

Picture this: You are sitting in the conference room with the leadership team. The team asks you about the roadmap for the company’s hybrid campus hiring strategy. It’s been weeks since you have been talking to your recruiter friends from other organizations to pull off the strategy but haven’t been able to do it. And now, you have no answer and no strategy!

You stay quiet. And confused.

This picture can be quite startling, especially when everybody’s eyes are on you.

To make sure you don’t land in this situation, we have made a list of 5 effective hybrid campus hiring strategies you can use.

Let’s get started.

What is hybrid campus hiring?

Hybrid campus hiring is a strategy companies use to source, engage and hire candidates for internships and entry-level jobs. Earlier, this form of recruitment was done on campus, hence called campus recruitment. But, with the fusion of in-person and virtual recruitment strategies, it is termed hybrid campus hiring.

With campus recruiting, you need 4 key players:

  1. Employers
  2. Campus recruiters
  3. University career development centers
  4. College students

But, with hybrid campus hiring, you need extra key players—campus recruitment software that connects candidates and recruiters, improves candidate engagement, and conducts virtual interviews.

Types of hybrid campus hiring:

What are the types of Hybrid Campus Recruiting


The three types of hybrid campus hiring methods or approaches include:

Blended approach

It uses both online and offline methods of hiring. Like, conducting interviews via video calls at the beginning of the selection process and face-to-face meetings with the top candidates during the last interview phase.

Composite approach

With a composite approach, companies host virtual job fairs and in-person recruiting events. By doing so, they run a parallel collaboration to expand the scope of their recruitment drive.

Synchronous approach

Chances are not every student can participate in the on-campus recruitment event. That’s where the students who are not present on campus can benefit and participate in the virtual fair.

With a synchronous approach, students can choose between on-campus and virtual events. This helps companies reach out to more students and widen their recruitment drive.

How Do You Build an Effective Hybrid Campus Hiring Strategy?

It’s hard for companies to transition from an offline recruiting strategy and build an empire of hybrid recruitment. So, we have curated 5 effective hybrid campus hiring strategies to help you create the roadmap.

Strategy #1—Communicate the new campus hiring strategy with campus coordinators

Communicate and coordinate with the campus coordinator on the dates and the transition in the hiring process.

Plan the execution of events and activities, whether they will take place in person or online. The majority of pre-placement conversations, employer branding, and coordination with colleges and institutions are now conducted in person, while screenings, assessments, and the early rounds of interviews are conducted online.

Best practices to adopt when shifting to hybrid campus recruiting:

  • Use a good online assessment tool to avoid plagiarism during the shortlisting phase.
  • Interview the leadership team and get them to talk about how their organization empowers young talent.

Strategy #2—Create a streamlined recruiting process for students

In an offline campus recruiting setup, you’d reach out to campus coordinators, help them understand the company and job role, share resources (JD/ ECP), and decide on the entire process—placement, assessment, interview, and final selection—all done on the same day.

But, with hybrid campus hiring, you are focusing on both online and on-campus hiring. So, your recruiting strategy looks something like this:

How to create a Hybrid campus hiring process

Once the candidate is selected virtually, the onboarding process can have physical training sessions where employees educate the students about the company’s values and how each department operates.

Best practices to make the hybrid campus hiring seamless

  • Make your written communication via emails stronger
  • Use virtual meeting tools like Zoom and G-Meet to communicate with college coordinators and students
  • Create online forms and questionnaires for job applications using tools like Google Forms, Jotform or Typeform
  • Send the JD to college recruiters in PDF format

Strategy #3—Opt for hybrid campus recruitment software

Automation is the joining dots of a hybrid campus hiring strategy. Why? Because they make your process smooth and keep the candidates engaged with you in a virtual setup.

For example,

If you are hiring software developers virtually, you’ll need technical assessment software to understand the student’s language and programming expertise.

HackerEarth Assessment helps you generate the assessment instantly and select the top candidate based on the leaderboard score. Once you select the candidate, invite them for a video interview using FaceCode.

To keep your hybrid recruiting engine running, make sure your company uses these tools:

  • Assessments: Use assessment software to create a questionnaire and send it out to the candidates as part of the screening process.
  • Email software: With automated emails, you can keep the conversation who have applied for the emails consistent. Create email sequences for each phase from screening to interview.
  • Video conferencing platform: Use video conferencing platforms like Zoom or G-meet to communicate with candidates virtually.

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Strategy #4—Cross-promote your hybrid campus hiring event

Do you think informing students about the hybrid campus recruiting event happening at their university is the finishing line when promoting the hiring spree?

It’s not. Once the students get to know about the placements happening at the university, they are likely to go through the process and find out more about the company.

That’s where you need to be strategic.

GenZ is constantly scrolling through social media—mostly, Instagram and YouTube. And these days, students are active on platforms like Linked too.

So, along with the billboards and posters on campus, share about the hiring event online:

  • Share a post on LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and Discord communities where college students are active
  • Ask your employees who are active on social media to share about the hiring event on their socials channels
  • Create a video with your leadership team talking about the perks of working with you and share it across social media

Strategy #5—Showcase your employer’s brand

The big question: why should students work with you? And to nail down the response, you need to build credibility. Gen Z today is smarter than you think. They don’t work *only* for the paycheck anymore.

Students now work with companies that:

  • Align with their values
  • Encourage mental health and work-life balance
  • Focus on their employees’ development

And to make sure you check all these boxes, you need to build your employer brand and show the students “why” they should work with you. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Get the leadership team to engage with students through seminars and workshops. These can either be physical events or can be conducted virtually.

For example, you can organize a LinkedIn event where the leadership team sits down and discusses the importance of diversity and how their company empowers it.

  • Interview the employees from your organization. Ask them about their experience working with the company and share it on social channels. This helps the students understand the employees’ POV and take the decision.
  • Showcase the social proof of your credibility via employees talking about you on review websites like Glassdoor.

Take a look at HackerEarth’s profile on Glassdoor, 82% of people say they will recommend the company to their friends, and 87% of people say they approve of the company’s CEO—a commendable social proof for candidates to work with the company and amplifies employer branding.

HackerEarth's Glassdoor Review

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Ready to pull off your hybrid campus hiring strategy?

True. Transitioning from offline hiring to hybrid campus hiring can be tedious. The recruitment drive that used to take a day gets divided into phases that keep on going for several days. But once you understand how the offline and hybrid interview stages differ, create the strategy and gather resources to use. With the 5 hybrid campus hiring strategies we have shared above, you can get started and see the results for yourself.

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