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7 steps guide on how to hire employees effectively

Are you a recruiter? Are you pressurized with the task of hiring for vacant positions? Would you rather fill up a doctor’s position with an electrician just to hire someone...

Are you a recruiter? Are you pressurized with the task of hiring for vacant positions? Would you rather fill up a doctor’s position with an electrician just to hire someone quickly?

More often than not, the requirements are urgent and managers are desperate to find a fit for a job position. Also, new employees need to be hired urgently because teams are overburdened with work. It must, however, be remembered that pressure leads to hasty decisions, for it is rightly said that haste makes waste.

We all understand that sometimes a requirement of the workforce is urgent as they are directly responsible for the growth of the company. But what we fail to understand is ‘Hiring decisions are critical’. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, a wrong hiring decision costs somewhere between $25000 – $50000.

The survey also reveals that apart from monetary loss, losses are incurred in terms of employee productivity, time and expenditure for recruitment and training, employee morale and client relationships.

The survey states that companies hire bad employees because 38% of them need to fill the vacancies urgently, 21% don’t research the candidate skills well, 11% fail to perform proper background and reference checks and for the remaining, it simply doesn’t work out.

Hiring decisions must be preceded by proper checks. Understanding the candidates is critical, in order to avoid mistakes that are expensive both monetarily and for the morale.

The following is a 7 steps guide on how to hire employees effectively

  • The prerequisites

Before understanding candidates and their strengths and weaknesses, one must try and understand what exactly the company is expecting out of the candidate. The responsibilities of the vacant position must be clear before trying to fill it. Job descriptions should mention clearly about the daily, monthly and annual responsibilities. It is wise to focus on abilities than qualifications when writing a job description which is the starting step to hire a long-term and valued employee.

Recruiters should coordinate well with the manager to chalk down a strategy and an ideal job description for the profile. It is wise to focus on abilities than qualifications when writing a job description. This step is critical because a consistent job description is a starting step to hiring long-term and valued employees.

Other aspects that must be discussed with the manager as prerequisites are the current structure and level of morale of the team and the skills required to deal with the customer. (Also read – Employee onboarding checklist)

The team and client-specific aspects such as positive approach, go-getter attitude etc will vary across positions and candidates and can be analyzed during the interview as resumes are not enough to highlight these attributes.

  • Broadening the scope of a search

Recruiters are often seen cribbing about receiving the same resumes for all their job postings and hence not getting enough options. The reason for this repetition is worth a probe. Fishing in same waters will mostly get you the same fish even if the ait is made more attractive.

The search scope should thus be broadened. Posting the job opening in the same places over and over again will attract the same applications. Most jobs do not require local candidates, hence diversifying the scope of search will also make the workforce an amalgamation of skills and experiences.

Just posting openings on job portals and career page of your website is not enough. It is important to direct traffic from social media and another website to our page. It is also a great idea to promote the postings on social media communities, trade magazines etc.

  • Using an Application Tracking System

Manually scanning a pile of resumes and shortlisting candidates is as outdated as a floppy disc. It wastes a lot of time and resources. The use of an ATS accelerates the process of recruitment and gives you direct access to the top talent amongst the huge volumes of resumes that come your way. It is cost-effective and easy and one is able to screen more and more applications with ease. It is high time you give up the age-old ways and embrace technology. (Download Free eBook – A complete guide to Talent Assessment Software)

  • That telephonic interaction

Imagine you are hiring for the post of a customer service executive for a call center that works for UK and US clients; you shortlisted 15 resumes that mentioned English in language proficiency, you invited all of them for an interview and only 2 had a good command over the language while the rest could barely speak fluently with good grammar.

Isn’t it a big waste of time and won’t you feel cheated and exhausted at the end of the process? What if you had conducted a 10-minute interview over the phone with each of these candidates? Had it not saved a lot of precious time and energy.

Resumes may look amazing but may hide critical information, cover letters may be deceptive, but a phone call would definitely help a lot in revealing some important information before the physical interviews begin.

  • Do not involve too many people on either side

Inviting 500 candidates for 3 vacant positions is not only a waste of time and resources but also casts a wrong impression upon the interviewees. It is important to keep the process simple. Similarly, the first round of interview doesn’t require a panel of 4 interviewers. More people on either side not only cause clutter but also confusion.

  • Ask open-ended questions

During the course of the interview, it is important that you speak less and let the interviewee speak more. This can be made sure by asking open-ended questions rather than ones that have a yes or no as an answer. The more a candidate speaks, easier it will be for you to know if they are the right fit.

  • Proper background check

It is one thing to trust a candidate but it is another to give them the power to cheat you. It is possible that the degree they hold doesn’t matter to you and all that matters is the quality of experience and skill but why will you hire someone who lies at the first step.

An employee is a relationship, it must have roots of trust. They may have an amazing resume and an irresistible charm that forces you to believe in their skills and achievements, but it is still important to assess the truth in what they showcase. (Also read – 6 hiring mistakes to be avoided and their solutions)

A relationship between the company and employee should be a mutually beneficial one and to make it a long-term one must ensure these little things so the common mistakes can be avoided.

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