How to hire talented developers on GitHub

October 27, 2017
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GitHub is the world’s biggest pool of developers who share codes, and quite a lot of developers register there to get discovered and hired. That’s good news for startups and big organizations eager to source good programmers. Interviews are time consume and hiring an HR agency to sift through thousands of profiles is definitely expensive.

GitHub is a developer community that has a pool of professionals and students who learn, collaborate, and share on the platform. GitHub was not built to recruit developers, but if anybody writes code, chances are they know GitHub. They are regularly told that being active on GitHub is an advantage because it gives an opportunity for recruiters to judge their work and screen before interviewing.

Why GitHub

Who is on GitHub?

People say “The world is moving to open source.” GitHub is free and the community has governments and organizations who moved to GitHub because of its vastness as an open source library.

Versions of code

GitHub has “Git” at the core, which is a “version control system”. You can see different versions of the original code. It also keeps revisions in a central repository. This helps developers view changes, download different versions, and upload changes.

Judge and screen candidates

You can check candidates’ code and judge their area of interest, sophistication. and reputation. Coders start acquiring followers, and the more followers there are, the better it is. You can look for coders based on the number of followers they have.

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