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HackerEarth and Lever Join Forces To Step Up The Tech Hiring Process

HackerEarth proudly announces the newest addition to its ever-growing list of ATS integrations – Lever! The Lever ATS is scalable, intuitive, and has a clean design. It is easy to use and when combined with the HackerEarth Assessments platform, your tech hiring has the potential to be revolutionary.

Benefits of the integration

HackerEarth and Lever

If your company is already a user of Lever’s ATS, then you can make the most of HackerEarth’s assessments on its platform. When integrated –

  • Lever users can directly send HackerEarth Assessments invites to their candidates at various stages of the job hiring lifecycle. Once the candidate completes the assessment, their score, and a report containing performance data are linked back into Lever. 
  • This eliminates the constant shifting between your ATS and HackerEarth’s platform, allowing you to view all your hiring data from one dashboard. Recruiters can now screen candidates faster using HackerEarth, while all members of the hiring team can stay abreast of the progress, by viewing it on the Lever Dashboard.
  • Hiring managers will have all candidate information at their fingertips, while candidates will be impressed with real-time feedback from their recruiters.
  • One feature that is unique to Lever is the option to send more than one assessment to evaluate a particular candidate. If the recruiter/hiring manager chooses to retest the candidate (on a different level of assessment or skill set), the integration allows you to do that.

Getting started

In a nutshell, the integration with Lever allows recruiters to manage the screening workflow faster without having to switch between apps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started. If you have any more queries on how to use this new feature, we got you! Write to us at

You can also find other ATS platforms that HackerEarth integrates with on our website.

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Here's what you can do next

Check out FaceCode:
an intelligent coding interview tool