The Rise Of Code Assessment Platforms And Software Developer Recruitment

The Rise Of Code Assessment Platforms And Software Developer Recruitment

Automation and digitalization are the two most potent driving forces transforming modern societies rapidly. Most countries are investing heavily in these two technologies, increasing the demand for talented software developers worldwide. The demand for software developers and testers is projected to grow by 25% between 2021 – 2031, the highest of any other occupation. The US Department of Labor projects around 163,000 job openings for this profile annually.

Brilliant software developers are the ones behind great products. This is why most companies, particularly start-ups, are focused on hiring the best talent in the market. To determine the efficacy of a candidate’s coding skills, coding assessments have become increasingly popular as a crucial aspect of the screening process.

Read on to know more about the rise of code assessment platforms and their importance in software developer recruitment.

Code assessment platforms: The new virtual hiring process of assessing technical skills

A coding test for hiring is the first step in filling the role of a software developer. Several code assessment platforms have emerged as the cornerstone of virtual hiring processes for the assessment of the technical skills of a candidate and offer an advanced coding environment allowing employers to find their perfect match, efficiently.

Apart from conducting a coding test for hiring, these platforms allow recruiters to schedule online tests, share invites, monitor performance, and screen candidates seamlessly. Most experts advise using a software developer assessment test as a part of the technical screening before the interview round. This offers the recruiters insights into the candidate’s profile and determines their suitability for the vacancy.

Several coding test options are available for recruiters using code assessment platforms. These platforms have various interesting features that allow the creation of customized tests to ascertain the performance of a candidate against the required skill set. Recruiters can select the coding language to be tested and set the difficulty level. After that, the candidates are automatically ranked based purely on their performance. This method is free from any bias, allowing for a fair recruitment process. Many companies are leveraging the efficiency of code assessment platforms to hire the most qualified software developers for their requirements.

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Top 3 reasons behind the rise of code assessment platforms in the IT industry


Rise of code assessment platforms

A few years ago, most recruiters gave a lot of weightage to candidates’ academic achievements when determining their suitability for a profile. But the hiring processes for technical jobs have undergone a metamorphosis, and skill-based hiring has become the new criteria for measuring a candidate’s competency. While the number of skilled software developers is steady, finding a candidate with the right technical skills remains challenging. Moreover, recruiters are burdened with sifting through countless resumes to shortlist candidates with relevant skills. As a result, many recruiters consider relying on technical coding assessment platforms to select suitable candidates.

The rapid advent of tech advancements

Technology has been evolving rapidly and revolutionary innovations like AR/VR seem like a thing of the past. The new technology buzzwords in modern times are blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing, among others. In such a scenario, the existing skill sets of software developers might become outdated overnight. In a hyper-competitive marketplace, companies simply cannot afford mediocrity and expect to hire the best talent with the latest skills.

This is why an increasing number of recruiters have updated their recruitment process for software developers. Instead of the traditional approach, candidates are now asked to take a coding test online on any of the code assessment platforms as a screening method. Only candidates who qualify for the coding test per the established parameters are called for further selection. This saves valuable time and helps the recruiters select the best candidates.

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The world is moving online

With 72% of professionals agreeing that remote working will be the new normal, it is not a surprise that many companies are offering work-from-home opportunities or a hybrid working model for employees. In a situation where the employees would be working away from the careful supervision of a manager, ensuring technical prowess beforehand is essential.

Code assessment platforms not only test the candidates’ real-world working skills but also help recruiters understand the knowledge base of the candidates. Recruiters can use basic or advanced coding tests to screen candidates remotely before the interview stage.

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Lesser supply of skilled software engineers

The classic problem of supply and demand equilibrium is also affecting the software development industry. With an ever-increasing number of businesses looking for a prominent online presence, there seems to be a perpetual shortage of skilled software engineers. Tech companies are looking for software engineers who can ensure the successful development and deployment of the latest technological solutions. But not all software engineers have the required skills and understanding of coding concepts like data algorithms and structures. Moreover, some candidates lack the basic soft skills required to excel in their job profile.

A comprehensive coding assessment powered by the latest code assessment platforms is a tool used by recruiters to determine the most suitable candidates for the available profiles. By conducting a software developer assessment text online, recruiters get great insights into the candidate’s skillset and can make an informed decision.

Code assessment platforms enable the selection of suitable candidates with the required skillset, ensuring a better chance of success for the company and the candidate.

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