A big bang of new features on HackerEarth Assessments

Over the past few months, our team has been working tirelessly on amazing features to optimize the user experience and make test creation more fun using HackerEarth. We’re now ready to unveil them.

  1. Everything in one place

Earlier, before publishing a test, users had to navigate to different tabs for adding questions, modifying test settings, adding admins, and more. This involved a lot of back and forth and figuring out what to change and where. With the new test overview feature on HackerEarth Assessments, you can get a snapshot of the questions, the language used, proctoring type, candidate information, and admin management, all in a single place. 

The test overview page lists the recommended settings for the following:

  1. Test: Name, description, instructions, type, link, and start and end dates 
  2. Questions: Number, difficulty level, and type. Additionally, you get the option to enable question shuffling and display error messages
  3. Language: The choice of test language
  4. Proctoring: Default proctoring type enabled
  5. Candidate: Information collected from candidates
  6. Email: Auto-reminder email feature
  7. Test admins: List of admins managing the test

You can view or modify them before inviting candidates to take the test.

Test overview snapshot

2. Just skill-based tests? Not anymore. 

That’s right. Now you can choose a job role or simply upload a job description and the HackerEarth platform will create a test for you. 

Here’s how this works

Job description to test 

In addition to the prebuilt skill-based tests or custom tests available, recruiters can now create a test by uploading or pasting a job description. Built on NLP,  the platform extracts the skills and experience from the description and creates an assessment best suited to evaluate a candidate. 

Job description to test feature

Test creation based on job description

Job role to test   

Now, users can create a test for 11 different developer roles. These pre-built, role-based tests can be readily used for assessing candidates for a particular role. The platform will suggest the skills relevant for the selected job role and you can add/modify the skills and experience to create the test.

Test creation based on job role

Creating a test from a job role

3. It’s easy on the eye

HackerEarth’s feature on question listing has a more attractive interface. Adding sections and pooling questions is now a lot easier. By selecting the topic and the difficulty level, you can add questions either automatically or manually. What’s more? There’s a new drag and drop functionality, making it easier to add/reorder questions while creating a test. 

Question listing feature

Question pooling

4. More visibility, more reports

We’ve several clients who use HackerEarth to manage their tech screening process on a global scale, using it across different business units or accounts. Earlier, there was no way for decision makers to track the screening process across different units. The new admin reports feature gives them visibility into the screening process across all their business units. 

Using a real-time dashboard, you can  get an overview of the assessment funnel for the entire organization. You can view the number of published tests and compare the count of invited and attempted candidates. You’ll also be able to know the count of candidates who’ve cleared the cutoff score and finally been shortlisted.

Get an overall view of all these metrics as well as a segregated view based on sections for tests and admins. What’s more? You can filter them based on accounts and export the data for collaboration.


Assessment funnel - HackerEarth reports

Test level insights

Test level insights

5. Practice made perfect

While you might already be aware of the practice tests that are available on HackerEarth, now we’ve made them more dynamic. The practice tests will be automatically aligned to the actual tests created. Whenever a new test is published, the platform will also generate a practice test based on the same skill type and question format. 

This will drastically improve candidate experience as they’ll be more familiar with the test environment and know what to expect during the test.

Dynamic practice tests on HackerEarth

6. Get biweekly updates 

Receive biweekly reports via email with account updates regarding invite usage, test-level insights and other admin details.


That’s it for now. But stay tuned for more exciting updates. Until then, try using these new features and let us know what you think. If you’re new and want to create intelligent tech assessments using HackerEarth, sign up for our 14-day free trial. And if you need help, write to us at support@hackerearth.com.

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