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August 30, 2017
2 mins

What if you could hire the next developer extraordinaire without divine intervention?

What if your days of struggling to find qualified developers were over forever?

Download our free eBook about smarter and faster ways to hire programmers, and you’ll see how you can easily be9 ways to hire programmers, ways to hire programmers, guide to hire programmers, hire a developers, guide to hiring developer, the recruiter with the Midas touch.

There are just too many mediocre programmers working in jobs that pay them far too much for doing anything. And there are too many great developers languishing in dead-end jobs because of lack of the right opportunities or rewards coming their way.

Terribly unfair, wouldn’t you say?

Putting together is neither about getting people who impressed you in the first five minutes of the interview nor about a resume with all the right keywords.

It is about finding good to exceptional talent by looking for it in the right places in the right way. Research shows that no single technique assures you of great hires like a combination of well-designed strategies.

That’s what we are talking about in this eBook—what, how, and why you need to use these 9 sources to build a talent pipeline or close job positions with the best people out there.

Download your copy today! Enjoy! 

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