Five epic video resumes that will make your jaw drop

Video resumes are incredibly interactive - each minute on a video, if used well are worth a thousand words. It is so easy to go through a 3 minute video and you would have conveyed more than what you could have with a 100 page booklet about yourself.

Humour, creativity and imagination, when put to use well, can help you make an engaging video which people wouldn't mind spending time on. I've compiled a list of 5 video resumes which are engaging, informative, and in most instances, quite funny!

Hire me Google

Matthew Epstein really wanted a job with Google in their product marketing team. But he knew he was going to face quite a lot of competition. So he went the video resume route. Check this out -

Yes, there was a lot of tongue in cheek sort of humour associated with this, but you've got to give it to the guy. He didn't just make a resume; he had a website and he committed a budget on advertising too. He proved his credentials as an online marketer at least - there was a lot of media buzz around his campaign and his video has over a million views on YouTube.

The result? He got an interview call from Google. While he didn't make it, he did join another company and currently serves as VP marketing at Zenefits. Great ROI on the marketing effort, wouldn't you say?

Please hire me Valve! 

Erin Michael, a game designer wanted to join Valve. Building video games was her passion from a very young age and she had applied to Valve the conventional way. 3 times she tried and didn't hear back. So she decided to make this cute video resume -

Now, YouTube is an harsh place. There were comments on this video like "Attention whoring at its finest. Why girls shouldn’t play games" and "Erin, you’re setting women like me back 80+ years with this video. I hate your guts." But Valve did take notice of this effort and called her over for an interview.

Now, she didn't get hired, but companies want to know if their employees or prospective hires are passionate about their work place and job. This video captures the essence of her passion towards games and the company. Erin now works at Seattle based Big Fish Games.

Competence, Diversity and humour all under 3 minutes

Mark Leruste, a former entrepreneur and advertising professional with considerable experience wanted work with someone who could leverage his diverse background. Hs video resume went something like this -

The first half of the video shows the lighter side of Mark, keeping this audience interested in the video. Once he has your attention, he quickly gets to the serious bit and is very articulate about it and finishes quickly. His LinkedIn profile hasn't been updated in a while, so I don't know what he's doing now. But I'm guessing he's alright.

Creativity overkill

Adam Clowery is a graphic designer and he wants you to know that he is one. This video interview is an interactive sketch book, which describes himself and his skills, in a very demonstrative way. Check this out -

This video tells me a lot about Adam. He's self motivated - I mean, look at the effort he's put into this video, with possibility of getting nothing in return. He's very creative, and has the skill to compliment it too. Furthermore, he's articulate, and can convey a message through graphics. If I was looking for a creative guy (and we are) I would at least call this guy over for an interview.

Brilliant articulation

Australian software engineer Nick Belling, after having worked on small time software projects, wants a shift to the big league. And he has made his intentions clear in this, humble and precise video -

Sometimes, humility leads to understating ones abilities. But not in Nick's case - he's got the perfect blend of humility and confidence, which makes this video resume a winner for me. Nick is currently a C# developer at LPL Financial in Sidney, and I'm quite sure this video resume helped a lot.

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