HackerEarth to represent India in startup world finals in Switzerland

January 29, 2014
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Bangalore-based tech recruiting company in global top-20 for $500,000 investment award

Jan 29, 2014: Bangalore based HackerEarth, a product company in the tech recruitment space, today announced that it has won the Seedstarsworld regional competition from India of a field of more than 50 startups. Along with the recognition of “Best early stage startup in India”, it has been sponsored to compete in Geneva, Switzerland, for the world finals in February 2014. HackerEarth will be one of 20 companies that will be vying for the $500,000 investment (Rs. 3.3crores).

Founded by ex-Googler Sachin Gupta with his fellow IITian and two time Google Summer of Code participant Vivek Prakash in 2012, HackerEarth has also attracted a thriving community of “hackers”, many of whom use the product on the daily basis to tackle the engaging set of problems and stay current with technology and competitive in the job market.

“When we think about successful and innovative projects, we automatically think ‘Silicon Valley’. But what about the rest of the world? There are plenty of untapped opportunities and thrilling startups hiding around the world that just need to be discovered. Seedstars World is filling this gap with a worldwide competition focusing on emerging markets and fast growing startup scenes, allowing these startups to climb on the stage and get the attention they deserve” said Pierre-Alain Masson, Seedstars World co-founder and jury member.

Over the last year, the Seedstars World team has staged pitching events in 20 cities in Asia, South America, Russia, Africa and Middle East. More than 100 startups applied in each country and less than 10% were selected to pitch their ideas and one startup was selected in each country.

Vivek Prakash said, “Being selected in the top-20 in the world is a great honour and recognition of the commitment of our team, investors and our early customers. Our vision is to build the world’s biggest and best community of developers from around the world – and this trip will give us great global exposure as well”.

About HackerEarth – HackerEarth is a global community of programmers. It provides a platform to code, learn, compete and discover the best opportunities to developers around the world. HackerEarth has raised its first round of funding from GSFAccelerator.


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I am the co-founder and CEO of HackerEarth, I mostly do Business development for HackerEarth but I started my career as a programmer. I also have a passion for writing.
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