Latex equations

January 4, 2017
1 minute
\(\displaystyle P(Y=1|X)=\frac{\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}}{\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}+1}\)


\(\displaystyle p=\frac{\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}}{\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}+1}\)


\(\implies \displaystyle p(\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}+1)=\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}\)


\(\implies\displaystyle p.\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}+p=\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}\)


\(\implies\displaystyle p=\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}-p.\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}\)


\(\implies\displaystyle p=\mbox{e}^{(\beta_o+\beta_1x)}(1-p)\)




\(\implies\displaystyle \mbox{ln}\left(\frac{p}{1-p}\right)=\beta_0+\beta_1x\)

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Rashmi Jain
I am trained to be a mathematician. I love teaching and music. When I am not at work you will find me cooking.

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