NASSCOM launches TechNgage to celebrate Technology and Technologists

Bright minds exist everywhere and technological expertise is an abundance, what usually falls short is the correct recognition, strengthening and harnessing of these skills. The NASSCOM IT service council has thus taken up an initiative to enhance technology skills by providing a platform to showcase them. They are inviting and rewarding highly skilled people in the technological domain for their efforts and expertise. The initiative called TechNgage is aimed at encouraging Indian technologists to become world class techies and stands by the objective statement of ‘Celebrating technology and technologists’.

NASSCOM is looking for working professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, students or anyone who is driven by the passion for technology. The theme for TechNgage 2016 is Your city - Smart and Secure and aims at the development of a technological solution to make the city smart by enhancing the quality of services in domains like healthcare, water, education, waste management, transport, energy and citizen services. A smart city is essentially the one with a superior quality of all these services and hence healthy and viable living conditions.

The contest comprises of 3 rounds viz. the online phase, offline phase and a 12-week challenge. You can know more about the contest at

There are cash prizes worth INR 30 lakh to be won but there is much more to the prizes than just the cash. The winners will be awarded as NASSCOM technology fellow and NASSCOM technology explorers at a ceremony that will have eminent people from the corporate, academic and government sectors. It is a great opportunity to receive the recognition and visibility that you have been waiting for. That is not all, there are other perks like an all expenses paid week trip to Silicon Valley with a pre-arranged tour of the top companies, one-year blanket pass to all major NASSCOM events, access to premium research reports and an opportunity to buy a tech gadget worth INR 1 lakh. Well, that is some great exposure and an awesome opportunity to learn.

Register for the event at the earliest, it isn’t an opportunity to be missed.

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