Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Applications

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As per Gartner, by 2020, eighty percent of emerging technologies will have AI foundations. Another Gartner report states that by 2020, twenty percent of enterprises will employ dedicated people to monitor and guide machine learning (such as neural networks). The notion of training rather than programming systems will become increasingly important.

We are pleased to announce our next webinar in collaboration with Unisys on “Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Applications”.

Applying AI in business applications is going to have a huge impact on the way these applications are accepted by the customers. The application will become very similar to the user by behaving in a way the user would like to; by taking insights from the way a user interacts with the application. This impact can already be seen on applications such as Facebook, Uber, and Paytm.

All the legacy industry applications across finance, transportation, life sciences, federal, public sector, and security need to change to have a huge impact from its end consumers. These applications will turn into intelligent applications in the future and we can see it already happening in most of the industries. The AI technology ecosystem will have a greater role to play to make this happen.

Unisys is highly focused on transforming applications and products to help our clients to achieve digital transformation. So we embrace the emerging technology trends including AI to help our enterprise customers to maximize their value from their customers.

The ask from you as a hackathon participant is to come up with ideas and solutions which could really benefit transforming the vertical industry applications to more intelligent applications by deriving insights from its users in real time.

The intent of this webinar is to give you a basic idea of AI technology trends. Abhilash will also walk you through the details on what we look forward to from you during this hackathon while considering the use of AI trends in your ideas and solutions.

Topics to be covered in the webinar

  • Why AI now and what is AI?
  • Learning vs Programming
  • The basics of ML technology
  • AI Technology spectrum (A brief on infrastructure, platforms, frameworks, and services)
  • Applied AI
  • What is Unisys looking for in winning ideas?

The webinar is scheduled for the 30th of October 2018 (Tuesday) at 7 PM IST. Hope to see you there.

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    Abhilash Thottakath Chakkan

    Principal Engineer, Unisys ClearPath Forward Systems Member of Technology Board @Unisys - India Technology Center

    Abhilash Chakkan works as a Principal Engineer at Unisys India Technology Center (InTC) Bengaluru for System Software Development (SSD) – Technology Business Unit. He plays diverse and critical roles within the team; Lead Architect for CPF, Forward Fabric Manager and Lead Architect for ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series (CSS OS 2200) team at InTC and Architecture, and Product Owner for Soft Tape Library Application developed at InTC for CSS OS 2200 product.

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