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January 29, 2018
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“Data is abundant and cheap but knowledge is scarce and expensive.”

In the last few years, there has been a data revolution that has transformed the way we source, capture, and interact with data. From fortune 500 firms to start-ups, healthcare to fintech, machine learning and data science have become an integral part of everyday operations of most companies. Of all the sectors, the social good sector has not seen the push the other sectors have. It is not that the machine learning and data science techniques don’t work for this sector, but the lack of financial support and staff has stopped them from creating their special brand of magic here.

At HackerEarth, we intend to tackle this issue by sponsoring machine learning and data science challenges for social good.

Machine learning at HackerEarth

Even though machine learning (ML) is a new wing at HackerEarth, this is the fastest growing unit in the company. Also, over the past year, we have grown to a community of 200K+ machine learning and data science enthusiasts. We have conducted 50+ challenges across sectors with an average of 6500+ people participating in each.

Machine learning challenge, ML challenge

The initiative

The “Machine Learning Challenges for Social Good” initiative is focused toward bringing interesting real-world data problems faced by nonprofits and governmental and non-governmental organizations to the machine learning and data science community’s notice. This is a win-win for both communities because the nonprofits and governmental and non-governmental organizations get their challenges addressed, and the machine learning and data science community gets to hone their skills while being agents of change.

Our role

HackerEarth will contribute by

  • Working with the organizations to identify  and prepare the data set most suitable for the initiative
  • Hosting the challenge which includes the following (but not limited to)
    • Creating a problem statement with the given dataset
    • Finding support data sets if required
    • Framing the best evaluation metric to choose the winners
  • Promoting this to our developer community and inviting programmers to contribute to the cause
  • Sharing the winning approaches and ML models built, which the organizations can use
  • Sponsoring prizes 

Are you a nonprofit or a governmental/non-governmental organization with a business/social problem for which primary or secondary data is available? If yes, please mail us at social@hackerearth.com. [Please use subject line “Reg: Machine Learning for Social Good | {Your Organization Name}]

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