[Infographic] Is India really a software development powerhouse?

May 20, 2014
2 mins

There are about 18 million developers in the world, and of that, 2.75 million live in India. In the coming years, it is estimated that India will overtake the USA in terms of the number of developers and India will have somewhere close to 5.2 million software developers.

Now with those kinds of numbers, you’d think that India should be at the epicenter of software development in the world. However, the Indian software developer economy cannot claim that today. While there is a good upsurge of cutting edge technology that is coming out of the Indian subcontinent, it isn’t up to the benchmark set by the west.

Given that India is standing at an inflection point, where India’s software arsenal will have as many as 4 million more developers in a mere 3 years, we should be seeing signs of change anytime now. But we aren’t.

To find out why we put out a survey among the developer community to understand the current state of the developer community in India. The survey had close to 400 participants, which was predominantly Indian, and here’s what we found –

infographic (1)

Hopefully, this should change. We, as a product company in the developer ecosystem are doing our part through the launch of products like the developer profile – power to those who code passionately, by representing their skills in a beautiful manner.

If you relate to this, build your developer profile today – http://hck.re/PD9qL6

Infographic credit – Nitesh Kumar


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