Hackocracy: A social hackathon to strengthen India’s democracy

January 15, 2018
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Simple technology-based solutions have the power to revolutionize the lives of millions. Countries worldwide have benefited from the active involvement of citizens in the conceptualization and implementation of developmental solutions. All you need is a platform that enables people to collaborate and contribute ideas. Hackathon is a great way to crowd-source innovation.

Hackocracy is the first in the series of social hackathons by HackerEarth. The online hackathon conducted in partnership with prominent NGOs such as Janagraha, Umang, and the /Nudge foundation received an overwhelming response with 6200+ participants from all over India. Aimed to drive innovation for India, Hackocracy had five major themes that addressed prominent issues like democracy, free press, corruption, social welfare, and NGOs.

The event generated innovative ideas from developers across the country. By the end of the online hackathon, over 140 innovative submissions were received. Here are some of the impactful solutions generated from the Hackathon:

1) Sarkaar Salahkar

An app that lets Government and municipal organizations crowdsource solutions for civic issues faced by the public.

2) Hackocracy – A helping hand for the needy

This application aims to bridge the distance between NGOs and the less-fortunate people on the streets of India.

3) Manifesto

This is a GPS-based application that lets users pin the issues in a locality, gain support from the public, escalate the issues, and track the response of the appropriate government/municipal body.

4) Umang Smiles

This is an app to manage the end-to-end aspects of Umang’s day-to-day activities starting from creating events, to tracking volunteer contributions, accepting donations, etc.

Through active participation in social initiatives like social hackathons, citizens can now actively contribute solutions to build a better world.


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