The HackerEarth guide to hackathons

November 2, 2017
3 mins

Welcome to the HackerEarth guide to hackathons for hackathon participants!

HackerEarth is a global community of 1.5 million+ developers who compete and innovate through various online coding challenges and hackathons hosted on our platform. HackerEarth encourages programmers to take part in hackathons, work on real-world problems, network, code, learn, and build incredible hacks.

Follow these steps to get started with your first hackathon at HackerEarth:

1) Create your HackerEarth profile

To log in, visit Update your skills and complete the profile to find relevant hackathons and join the right teams.

Create your HackerEarth profile

Create your HackerEarth profile


2) Find relevant hackathons

To participate, find live hackathons here:

Find hackathons, and challenges on HackerEarth

Find hackathons and challenges on HackerEarth


3) Register for hackathons

Once you select the hackathon, you will get the registration details. Go through the overview, themes, submission guidelines, and requirements carefully before registering. All registrations at HackerEarth are free of cost.

Register for hackathons on HackerEarth

Register for hackathons on HackerEarth


4) Complete your registration form

Submit your details in the registration form. You can participate only after successfully submitting this form.

Complete your Hackathon registration form

Complete your Hackathon registration form


5) Add your skills

Add skills, tools, and frameworks that you are familiar with in the submission form.

Add your skill set in registration form

Add your skill set in hackathon form


6) Form a team

On registering, you will be able to form your team by clicking, ‘Form Team’. You can either invite people to join your team or you can join an existing team. You can find team information under the section, ‘View Your Team’.

Forming a team on HackerEarth

View your team on HackerEarth

You can see all participating teams. You can join any of these teams. There is also an option to update your profile to make it easy for others to find and add you. Once you join a team, you cannot build a team of your own.

Alternatively, you can build your own team by inviting other participants. You can invite team members via email.

Forming your team on HackerEarth

Form your team on HackerEarth


7) Submit your hack

Go through the submission guidelines carefully before you submit the final entry or prototype. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be evaluated.

Submissions on HackerEarth

Submissions on HackerEarth


8) Evaluation

Your submission will be evaluated by a team of mentors and experts. Shortlisted teams will be notified by email. The final results will be announced on the hackathon page.

By participating in HackerEarth Hackathons, you can build your professional network, learn new programming skills, get recognized for your hacks, and make a measurable impact.

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