Connected Vehicles

Duration: 1:00

HackerEarth in association with Savari Systems Pvt Ltd. is pleased to announce its next webinar on ConnectedVehicles to help you learn and understand V2X technology from the domain expert.

About V2X webinar

V2X is about connecting Vehicles to Vehicles, Infrastructure, Pedestrians, etc., in short, connecting Vehicles to everything (X).

The technology has been a global phenomenon of late and is seeing deployments around the world ranging from the US, EU, China, S. Korea and Japan.

The US Department of Transportation estimates that roughly 80% of road fatalities can be avoided by the use of V2X. Cities and states are looking to deploy V2X to solve congestion issues and reduce emissions.

This webinar attempts to provide an introduction to the technology, end to end use-cases and current trends especially with the ongoing evolution of smartphones and cellular 5G.


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    Sridhar Vellenki Reddy

    Managing Director, Savari India

    Sridhar heads Product Management at Savari and has around 10 years of experience in the V2X domain. He has led the design and creation of the most deployed V2X after-market products and instrumental in Savari’s deployment into large Connected Vehicle (CV) safety pilots in the US. He has a varied background with over 10 years of experience in other domains such as semi-conductor and telecom with roles ranging from heading firmware to system engineering. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science and Telecommunications. He can be reached at

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