The Biggest Digital Transformation Must-Haves for 2019

Digital technologies development has been on a constant rise in the past several years. Technologies such as AR and VR were mere whispers at the beginning of the 21st...

Digital technologies development has been on a constant rise in the past several years. Technologies such as AR and VR were mere whispers at the beginning of the 21st century. Today, we see these and other technologies all around us thanks to increased computing power and visionary inventors.

These bots are smart and are getting smarter by the day. Their data storage expands with each query they process which in time ensures more logical and useful responses. Implementing machine-learning algorithms into your business and website can elevate the way you communicate with the public.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain started as a way to track cryptocurrency trade on the deep web. The currency (namely Bitcoin) became so destabilized that it required a centralized ledger of information and trade to work effectively.

Since then, blockchain has been repurposed into a business-centric technology. It allows companies to easily manage data, books, transactions and any information too valuable to lose.

Recent data shows that 90% of banks across North America and Europe continue to experiment with blockchain implementation. The same logic can be applied to individual business’ finances and records, especially with the estimated 33% drop in operational costs due to blockchain.

Marie Fincher, head of Trust My Paper content department had this to say about blockchain: “I fully support and advocate for blockchain implementation in online businesses. The sheer volume of potential implementations blockchain allows is astonishing to me, even after so many years in the online writing industry.”

Companies that implement blockchain will have an easier time when it comes to the management of their precious data, not to mention the client and project information involved in it.

Cloud-based outsourcing

Local servers, personal computer software and other forms of non-networked development are a thing of the past. Very few growth-focused businesses operate without relying on cloud-based computing and outsourcing services.

It’s very easy and affordable to get storage space, computing power and even third-party support through cloud-based platforms. One notable example is the process of content creation for digital marketing. Data shows that 78% of global companies are happy with their outsourcing agencies, opting for third-party marketing instead of in-house expenditure.

As with any other technology, marketing is a “make or break” feature which informs potential clients of your products and/or services. It can also be beneficial for businesses to invest into translation and localization of their digital content. With the recent shifts in the corporate marketplace, specialized outsourcing firms are a much better solution as opposed to internal teams which bleed revenue.

Recurring customer’s journey

The customer’s journey from introduction to brand advocacy is an important part of digital marketing. Today’s technology allows brands and companies to advertise their products and services in as many ways and platforms as they can muster.

However, the customer’s journey is just as relevant as it ever was – if not more in 2018. The reason for this is the appearance of the recurring customer’s journey in which a customer is encouraged to reintroduce themselves to your brand. Only 37% of buyers have expressed that their brands know what they want as consumers. This means that one-sided marketing campaigns with little-to-no customer experience design will soon go extinct.

You can achieve this by sending personalized email, small loyalty gifts and other purchase incentives. In doing so, you will effectively reignite the interest of old customers into your brand’s lineup.

Studies have shown that 55% of customers are willing and ready to pay more for guaranteed quality of service. This number is only poised to grow with the ever-growing selection of brands and services as opposed to the customers’ limited budgets.

They will effectively start the journey again and make a purchase, ending it with brand advocacy and word of mouth. Customer retention is a serious issue in the corporate sphere, so much so that innovations such as these are mandatory for the survival of a brand as a whole.

Marketing personalization

With so many digital marketing providers out there, people have grown tired of being treated as a “crowd”. Individualized messages and email marketing have become relevant again thanks to the surge in popularity of smartphones.

Short, direct messages aimed at specific customers can make a greater impact than a generalized banner ad placed somewhere on a website. Marketing personalization has veered its head in social media platforms and sites such as Google and YouTube as well.

Recent surveys have shown that 58% of marketing experts agree about the importance of original, personalized content. This means that you should pay close attention to the copywriting aspect of your marketing campaigns before you delegate that content.

Automated personalized marketing is more relevant than ever thanks to meticulously gathered data from web users around the globe. In 2018, this trend is poised to transform the way we perceive marketing and customer targeting – which is what makes this transformation even more relevant.

The future is bright (conclusion)

The above-mentioned points about digital transformation are but a taste of what the future has to offer beyond 2018. Estimates show that more than 50% of US ad spending will be directed at digital content by 2021. Companies and customers alike have a lot to look forward to when it comes to quality of life improvements of their digital content.

Pay attention to the trends and changes in your own industry to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t be afraid to implement new ideas and innovations into your workflow just because someone says you shouldn’t.

Companies which pioneer certain digital technologies are bound to get an increase in popularity and revenue as a result – don’t pass on the opportunity if it comes your way.


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