Announcing the winners of Slash Hack 2.0

December 27, 2017
2 mins

Slash Hack is a hackathon conducted by HackerEarth, where developers from across the globe came together to celebrate the spirit of programming and built novel tangible solutions. This year, over 1328 hackers participated in the online event and created some amazing hacks.

The hackathon provided a platform for participants to meet like-minded people, network, and contribute ideas for building a better world. These are the winning hacks from the event:

1) Molescope: A real-time skin cancer recognition app

The Binary TRIO team lead by Jakub Klauco created a smartphone app that enables early detection of skin cancer, which highly improves the survival rate of patients. The app works both offline and real-time on Android phones. The team trained neural networks to recognize skin cancer by using image recognition engine based on the Google inception model. The training was done based on thousands of images of moles (both cancerous and non-cancerous).

Team Name: The Binary TRIO

Team Members: Jakub Klauco, Kuba Sanojca, and Nikita Orekhov


2) Helping Hand

This Android app aims to bridge the distance between NGOs and the less fortunate people on the streets who need aid. Users can create a public record of beggars, child labourers, and vagrants on the streets. NGOs can then view these records on the Website or on the Application itself to contact the people. NGO can then locate and help the people on the streets who need the aid. This application is built on .NET, and Xamarin Framework. Hence, it can also be ported across major platforms like iOS and Windows.

Team Name: MadTitans

Team Member: Anshul Jain 


3) Finger On Map

Finger On Map is an application that allows you to plan a trip with your friends. If they don’t have an account yet, they will receive an email with your invitation. You can then browse through all the trips you go on, add points of interest to them, and even group by days. The app becomes more interesting as you share your trip with other users. Users can edit the plans and each user can see changes made to the master plan.

Team: warna

Team member: Damian Tarnacki


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