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It is the age of the millennial. Mere monetary benefits are not enough to lure the best candidates. What were once considered dream jobs don’t make the cut anymore,...

It is the age of the millennial. Mere monetary benefits are not enough to lure the best candidates. What were once considered dream jobs don’t make the cut anymore, because of a lack of interesting work, a bad work culture, or simply a lack of a brand. Lets admit it; kids today want to work for a cool organization.

So what makes an organization cool? Maybe the people? Or the cool technology that they work on? Or the office and the perks that it provides? What ever it is, bundle up these unique traits and make them known to the world in a short, but engaging way.

We believe that every organization is cool in its own way. But it is up to the marketing and the HR team to be able to let prospective employees about how cool the company really is. Company culture videos are a great way to let a prospective employee know and here are our top 5 company culture videos –

1) First up, we have Square, who have put out quite an unconventional video. It doesn’t have a narrative, but the sequence of events in the video captures the average day of a square employee and highlights the benefits of working at Square quite brilliantly. If design is your company’s forte, then this video is a great reference point

2) If your’s is a startup that attracts a lot of talent outside of your catchment area, then Berlin based social games maker Wooga, has just the thing for you. Having attracted the best talent from outside of Germany, this video makes it a point to showcase their accomodating culture, along with the perks of working with a top notch startup

3) Next up, we have what’s possibly the most over the top, outspoken video about a company. Ever. The focus of US based game maker Kixeye, is to take the offensive to their competitors, even if they’re Zynga and Electronic Arts. We really don’t know when or if you should use this kind of recruiter video, but this is on our list, for plain and sheer , outrageous guts

4) There’s nothing like a bit of technology jargon to get a techie all excited and in this video, Hubspot has done exactly that. In this video, the emphasis has been HubSpot’s culture and the richness of it’s technical work. I showed this to some of my friends, and they had no idea that HubSpot would have such fun technical stuff to work on. So if you’re that company, which does great tech work but don’t quite appeal to developers, check this out

5) You were once a startup, but you’ve now grown big and you’re probably not as fun to work for anymore. Well, twitter is facing that kind of a problem and they’re going out of the way to make sure that prospects know that they’re still a fun place to work. While I don’t completely endorse the method, it is an amicable attempt and if you’re facing something similar, try something along these lines

Is there a company we missed out? Tell us what you think!

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