Webinar on Building a better future for small and medium businesses

Duration: 1:00

HackerEarth, in association with Pitney Bowes and Freshworks, is pleased to announce its next webinar on Building a better future for small and medium businesses to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.

About this webinar:

Innovation is in our DNA. Through the Pitney Bowes SMB Challenge, we aim to bring together innovators, developers, designers, and product visionaries to test their ideas, create, and develop products for 750k+ small business clients. We are opening up our platform so that you can deliver innovative solutions to the growing needs of small businesses.

In this webinar, we will help you learn from domain experts about our SMB clients, what applications these clients are looking for, and how developers can leverage Pitney Bowes and its partners’ technology to build smart and innovative solutions.

Freshworks, our Strategic Partner will provide an overview of the Freshdesk product and show you how to build an app by leveraging the APIs and SDKs to bring innovation for e-commerce clients to provide better customer engagement. The session will also guide you through the APIs, app documentation, and a few sample apps.

Toward the end, we will also have a Q&A session where Pitney Bowes and Freshworks professionals will answer any questions you might have.

Key topics covered during the webinar:

  • Introduction to Pitney Bowes SMB ecosystem
  • Personas of Pitney Bowes small & medium business clients
  • Pitney Bowes and partner technology offerings
  • Freshworks introduction
  • Freshworks product, APIs, and SDK
  • Pitney Bowes SMB Hackathon June 2018
  • Q&A


  • Speaker Image

    Sasidhar Akkiraju

    Senior Director,
    SMB Apps and Digital, Pitney Bowes

    Sasidhar specializes in large-scale digital platforms, consumer behavior, marketplaces, and global alliances with a strong focus on mobile and commerce. In his current role, he works on building the ecosystem of smart applications for small businesses. Before Joining Pitney Bowes in 2016, Sasidhar had various leadership roles at InMobi and Google.

  • Speaker Image

    Ganesh Balaji

    Program Manager,
    Freshworks Marketplace

    Ganesh Balaji handles projects and partnerships at Freshdesk. Starting off as a product consultant, GB leverages his expertise on Freshdesk, the Freshworks platform, and other Freshworks products to help build a strong SI partnership ecosystem at Freshworks.

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