HackerEarth Code Monk v2.0—a fun way to become a better programmer!

When we started building HackerEarth, we had one mission on our minds–to help you become a better programmer. 4 years and a million users later, we feel we’re on our way to achieving what we set out to do.

Last year, we took another baby step towards our goal. We launched a new initiative called Code Monk–a weekly series of tutorials on all topics under Computer Science, combined with regular coding contests to test your understanding of the topics.

The reception was extraordinary!

23 topics. 27 weeks. 14,661 Participants. The energy we witnessed was simply unreal. Which is why, we’ve decided to come back with a bang.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, say hullo to Code Monk v2.0! It’s bigger, it’s better, and it’s even more fun than v1.0.

What is Code Monk?

Code Monk is a weekly series for anyone who wants to improve their programming skills.

Every week, you get access to detailed tutorials on topics like Basic Programming, Algorithms, Data Structures, and Maths.

Go through the tutorials through the week and improve your understanding of each topic. You’re gonna need it very soon!

At the end of each week, there is a programming contest to test your knowledge of each topic. For some topics, depending on their difficulty, you’ll have 2 weeks to prepare for the contest.

Do well in the contests and move up the leaderboard. Aim for the 1st spot and stand a chance to win exclusive t-shirts, vouchers, and other goodies in every week’s contest. What better a way to strengthen your programming concepts, right?

What’s new in Code Monk v2.0?

For this year’s Code Monk, just to make the competition a touch more exciting, we’ve introduced a twist. After every 4 or 5 weeks, you’ll be tested in a CheckPoint contest – a test that comprises all the topics that were covered in the past few weeks!

What should I learn before starting with Code Monk v2.0?

You need very basic knowledge of programming to start practicing on Code Monk. Just go through the following tutorials and topics and you’ll be all set to start learning and contesting.

  1. Basics of Input/Output: Learn the basics of using an online code editor, running, and compiling your code on it. Know about the standard input/output which goes through various test cases while running your code.
  2. Time and space complexity: Good code is characterised by 2 main parameters–time efficiency and memory consumption. Learn how to write efficient code, which is time and space optimized. 
  3. Basics of operators: Operators are symbols that tell the compiler to perform specific mathematical or logical manipulations. Learn about the most commonly used operators in programming.
  4. Basics of bit manipulation: Bits are fundamental units of data storage in any computer-based system. Bit manipulation takes away the dependency of working on bytes and kilobytes and helps in using operators at a bit level.
  5. Basics of implementation: Questions that are based on ad-hoc ideas and brute-force solutions are usually classified under the implementation category. The objective of such questions is to help users to improve their ability of converting English statements into code implementation.  Understand and learn the basics of implementation through this tutorial.

Schedule for Code Monk v2.0

This year’s Code Monk schedule will be spread out over 34 weeks. 

The schedule for the first 5 weeks of Code Monk v2.0. is as follows:

Week 1: Arrays and Strings

Week 2: Sorting

Week 3: Searching

Week 4: Stacks & Queues

Week 5: Number Theory - Part 1

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When does the CodeMonk 2.0 series start?

This year’s Code Monk gets underway today, 12th October. So, brush up your coding basics and get ready for an exciting journey.

Time to start learning while having fun. Get started with Code Monk right now!

About the Author

Varun KR
Arsenal fan with a keen liking for barley & hops. Realized a little late that engineering was not God's purpose for him in life. Bitten by the startup bug, Varun is now trying to contribute to one of the most happening startups in the country - HackerEarth!