Build Decentralized Social Applications using ActivityPub

Duration: 1:00

In a world where most of the Internet is getting consolidated into a handful of services, groups of free and open source developers are hoping re-decentralize the web.

HackerEarth, in collaboration with ThoughtWorks, is pleased to announce the next webinar that helps you Build Decentralized Social Applications using ActivityPub.

Many applications have emerged in the space of social networking, micro-blogging and media streaming with the intention to make our social interactions independent of centralized influence. The new ActivityPub protocol from W3C Social Working Group marks a milestone in this effort by allowing interoperability across these applications and allowing them to federate as a common platform.

This talk examines the need for decentralized, federated applications and helps understand how to build them using the ActivityPub protocol.

Major topics to be covered during the talk:

– The need for decentralization and federation of the web
– Intro to ActivityPub protocol and how to build applications with it
– Exploring existing social applications that are decentralized and federated

The main learnings to take from this session would be:

– Learn about the ActivityPub protocol
– Learn to build decentralized and federated social applications

Hope to see you there at 7 PM on the 31st of October, 2018.


  • Speaker Image

    Sunil Mohan Adapa

    Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks

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