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I am Sanjay Jain – Co-Founder Novopay, Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Khosla labs, ex-Googler and former chief product manager, UIDAI. Ask me Anything!
May 26, 2015 04:30 AM CDT
About Host:

As founding CTO of Novopay, I was responsible for the initial design and development of the Novopay retail product, and platform which enables the provisioning of banking services based on Aadhaar authentication.

I was earlier the Chief Product Manager at the UIDAI, where I led the design and development of the Aadhaar platform as a product, including the enrolment client, the authentication systems, etc.

Before joining the UIDAI, I was a Product Manager, and an Engineer at Google, where I conceived, developed and launched Google Map Maker, which is a crowd-sourced platform for maps data. The data from this platform is the basis for Google Maps. I was also responsible for the launch of Google Maps in over 170 countries, including India.

Ask my anything about my career in the tech industry and the upcoming Aadhaar hackathon and its APIs!

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