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I'm Amod Malviya, former CTO, Flipkart . Ask me anything!
I'm Amod Malviya, former CTO, Flipkart . Ask me anything!
Sep 05, 2015, 04:30 AM CDT
About Host:

I’m an engineer, but might be better recognised with my former role as Flipkart’s CTO, where I played a part in developing Flipkart from a small startup to a multi billion dollar company. Along with hiring a technology team that I’m proud of, I initiated some key projects around data, infrastructure & machine learning.

I feel strongly about the open source world, technology as a socio-cultural tool, and the future of India, particularly in a technology context. I often get blamed as well as congratulated for taking strongly philosophical stands on subjects like Net Neutrality, the power of the Indian talent, academic-industry relations in India, and (lack of) focus on science fundamentals in a lot of engineers. Prior to Flipkart, I have been part of various startups, most of which failed, but were great learning grounds.

I was also a heavy gamer, until I started getting regularly thrashed by my team at Flipkart. I’ve been known to get confused looks from people when I tell them that I graduated from IIT KGP.

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