Abhijeeth Padarthi

Studying at PES Institute of Technology
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Django, Flask, Django, Unity
Tools & Libraries:
android studio, unreal engine 4, OpenCV, scikit-learn
PES Institute of Technology
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
Backend Development, Android Development, Game Design and Development, Graphic Designing
Django, Flask, Django, Unity, Blender
Tools & Libraries
android studio, unreal engine 4, OpenCV, scikit-learn, Unity, NLTK
Sep 2016 - Sep 2016 (1 months)
callXT is an android app that sends the subject of the call along with the call and is received at the receiver end as a pop up. Our objective was to integrate calling and texting features into one activity.This comes in very handy when the other person has to know the subject of the call and during emergency.It changes the pop up according to the type of the text message sent. We implemented a low level text analysis system to find the context of the call and display the pop up accordingly. This is what we plan to improve before we make it market ready: 1.)Smart reply system using NLP algorithms 2.)Create a fully functional Dialer app.
Skills: Java | SQL | XML
Nov 2016 - Nov 2016 (1 months)
ARlive is an augmented reality application that lets the user visualize a 3D model over a physical 2D image in augmented reality in real time.The 3D model can be controlled using hand gestures(supports movement, scaling and rotation). The app fetches the 3D object from a server or an outside storage space and dynamically renders it at run time . The app also allows you to view videos and images on physical targets and comment on them which can be viewed by everyone else looking at the picture, similar to facebook live but for physical objects and images.
Skills: Python | C#
Aug 2017 - Present (2 months)
Viberoom is a classroom in Virtual Reality that helps people from all over the globe connect and take online classes, video tutorials and online tuition in a much more immersive and interactive way. It comes with all the tools that students normally use in a classroom and more. Viberoom can also be used as your own alone work space. Viberoom also comes with it's own AI that helps you learn in class through the day!
Studious is an educational assistive AI that will help you when you have a task at hand in class.It helps automate the normal activities that a student has to perform in a class.
Skills: C++ | Python
PES Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Computer Science
2015 - 2019
Sep, 2016
Runner-up at the inGenius2016 hackathon held at PESIT-BSC
Rajasthan Hackathon 2.0
Aug, 2017
1st Runner-up at the Rajasthan Hackathon 2.0 held at Kota, Rajsthan.
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