Hardik Gupta

Full Stack Developer at Dockabl & Clink
numpy, pandas, opencv, matplotlib (python), node.js
Amity University Rajasthan
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
numpy, pandas, opencv, matplotlib (python), node.js, github, apache spark, docker, machine learning, ejs, reactjs, nosql, Go, jupyter notebook, Ruby, shell, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python 3, C++, Python, C
Work Experience
Full Stack Developer
Dockabl & Clink
Made a portfolio website with reactjs dependent on a single JSON file.
Someone else can make a similar site by easily editing json file only.
Skills: JavaScript
Soil Fertility Prediction
Predicts whether the soil is fertile or not and if the soil is non-fertile
then what chemical quantities need to be changed to make it fertile.
Skills: Python
Video Channel Playlists with Search
Made a channel playlist app which fetches 5000 data elements from
the json and render on the webpage in a proper manner like youtube.
Skills: JavaScript
3d Object Rendering with Social Auth
Made an easy social auth with connecting & disconnect social accounts. Then rendering png of objects with lazyloading feature and rendering a particular object on the web.
Skills: JavaScript
BattleCode : Multiplayer Invite Based Coding Battle
Developed and Deployed a coding battle Web App in which backend
is made on customized virtual machines with containerization.
Skills: PHP
Advanced Distributed Env. Monitoring System
Made a prototype of a distributed network that monitors air quality
on a street-by-street level and also plotted different maps & graphs
using javascript libraries.
Skills: JavaScript | PHP | arduino
Image Scanner & Image to Text Conversion
Made an image scanner with auto edge cutting & take all the text
from the image. It is very useful to get the required text from the
image for further processing.
Skills: Python
Surveillance Robot
Build based on the idea to make a simple & cheap online surveillance
camera robot which is controlled on an online server from anywhere
in the world.
Skills: Python | JavaScript | PHP
Hospital Management System
A patient-centric mechanism that has capabilities of handling data
of doctors and patients.
Skills: Java | sql
Amity University Rajasthan
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Computer Science
2015 - 2019
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